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Home Wellness Kit

Home Wellness Kit

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Transform your home into a sanctuary of peace, focus, and comfort with our “Home Wellness” Kit. This package is thoughtfully curated for hardworking parents with kids of preschool and early school age.

ZenPatch: With the hustle and bustle of parenting, finding moments of peace can be a challenge. Our ZenPatch is here to help. Infused with calming essential oils, it provides a calming atmosphere at home. It’s like having your personal Zen master.

FocusPatch: Balance out those energetic playtimes with moments of concentration for you and your older kids. The FocusPatch, enriched with essential oils known for enhancing focus, can be your secret weapon to help your kids concentrate on homework or quiet reading time. Plus, it’s a great aid for you when it’s time to focus on work or personal projects.

StuffyPatch: Kids can be quite a handful when they’re dealing with a stuffy nose due to a cold or allergies. Our StuffyPatch is designed to relieve nose congestion, making their day and night more comfortable. Infused with natural essential oils, it’s a gentle, non-invasive solution that lets your little ones breathe easier.

SleepyPatch: Bedtime routines are crucial, but sometimes, your kids might need a little help winding down. The SleepyPatch promotes healthy sleep habits, infused with calming essential oils that help to ease into a restful night’s sleep.

The “Home Wellness” kit is all about enhancing the comfort of your home, making it a more peaceful and conducive environment for both growth and relaxation. It’s perfect for parents who understand that wellness starts at home. Give your family the gift of tranquility, focus, and comfort with this comprehensive bundle.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 88 reviews
Jasmine (Christchurch, NZ)

Well well well I'm on night 2 and I am very impressed, my daughter 4.5yr who's had sleep issues since age 2 (tried everything) and now has gone to sleep within 15min using sleepy patch, where as prior to these it would take her 2 hours to fall asleep, was skeptical at start as we are with new things. I am truly amazed, thankyou so much for this beautiful natural product.

L.M. (Newry, GB)

Highly recommended get great night sleeps now been recommending to everyone and have bought more did not believe they would work but absolutely do really stick to cloth very well love them

S.G. (Perth, AU)

Ok, so my 2 and a half year old has only ever slept through the night 3 times in his whole life, and every time he was very sick. These arrived Friday, I put the sticker on him and within an hour he was ready for bed (he usually takes at least 3 hours to simmer down). Friday night he slept from 8pm-5am! He ate more than he ever did on Saturday and then Saturday night after I put the sticker on him he was asleep within the hour! He slept from 8pm-7am!!!!! 2 nights in a row! I have sent the link for these magical stickers to everyone I know with children. I know it's only been 2 days, but I'm so hopeful we are finally onto a good thing. He's has never been overly fussed with food and he woke up thismorning and asked for breakfast!

N.A. (Cardiff, GB)
Not working

Used them for the last couple of nights as my daughter is going through a stage of waking and screaming and not settling but they’re not working 😩 i bought them after reading reviews of them being amazing but just don’t seem to work on my little one

D.T. (Witham, GB)
Sleep sticker

The stickers are sticky enough to stay on and the smells are strong, these have helped with my child to fall asleep faster