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    Shipping Info

    Ok, so you're either about to place an order or you've already made an order? Take a look here at the info regarding shipment of products from The Natural Patch Co.

    Shipping Information

    All orders are dispatched within 24 hours from time of order. (This means, each day, our team take all the orders, package them, label them and get them to the post office).

    Where are they shipped from

    We have a team led by Sarah in Illinois, who processed all orders for the United States.

    A team led by Molly in Toronto, who processes all orders for Canada.

    In Australia we have a team led by Gary who processes all Australian and New Zealand orders and ships from Queensland.

    Is there tracking?

    To keep costs as low as possible, we send all mail unregistered (ie, without tracking) by default - but we do guarantee all orders.

    We worked with former Apple packaging engineers to help us ensure the size and weight of the Natural Patch packs fit within the lowest sending bracket - this is to ensure we can offer all customers FREE shipping.

    We do have internal tracking technology that identifies day and date of shipment and can verify when the package will arrive.

    So, if your package has not arrived within the sending window below, please email and we will provide information on package delivery.

    How long will my patches take to arrive?

    Currently these are the shipping times:

    USA - 4 days
    CA - 6 days
    AUS - 5 days