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Magic Patch Itch Relief

Magic Patch Itch Relief

Magic Patch Itch Relief

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Our amazing itch relief patches are a non-chemical way to make the itch go away instantly!

How it works: Our grid-relief technology mechanically adjusts the skin to help our lymphatic system drain the saliva injected by mosquitoes which cause the itch. Simply tear off a relief patch, place over the itchy area (just like a band-aid). You should feel relief from the itch within 30-60 seconds. 

Comes with 27 individual patches (9 pink, 9 blue, 9 tan)


"These BuzzPatches have been AMAZING! Little Jack gets eaten alive by mosquitoes, and touch wood, this summer Jack hasn't been bitten by a single mosquito!"

Bec C (@botanicsbyluxe)

"Anyone who's been to our place knows how bad the mosquitoes are, and these adorable stickers mean Elwood (my son) won't get bitten!"

Chantelle V (@fields.of.clover)

"We live on a the river, so to find something that works naturally is AMAZING"

Danielle T (@danielletweedie_)

"These work!! My kids are magnets for mosquitoes and I must admit, I was sceptical a small sticker could work. Genius 👏 "

Lauren L
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